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Useful Links & Downloads Posted on: 03/10/2012 9:51pm
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Before Your Time

Firstly, if you're using Internet Explorer, you should rethink what you're actually doing. IE is a clunky, inefficient, ugly, unhelpful, faggotty, useless, incompatible browser, and should be replaced at first instance. You should replace them with one of the browsers below


Pick one or die.
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Firefox - Best of the best, most popular third party browser on the net.
If using firefox, select plugin-container.exe, rather than firefox.exe when hacking.

Chrome - Fastest at rendering, highly efficient. KH's second most popular browser
Chrome is Mutlithreaded, so there is a slight difficulty in locating the game in processes.

Opera - Most inventive browser. If it's in your browser, it was in Opera first.


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.sol editors -- Flash Based Online .sol editor -- Sourceforge .sol editor -- .minerva Shared Object Reader -- SolVE (Unupdated for years, defunct)
.Sol Location Tutorial For Kongregate

Bytecode Hacking -- Tutorial & Support Thread
Torrent - TPB -- Sothink .SWF Decompiler -- Notepad++ -- Flasm

_root Variables -- Tutorial & Support Thread


Hex Editors/Memory Editors -- HxD [WARNING - ADVANCED] -- Cygnus [WARNING - ADVANCED] -- Cheat Engine [Generally Used by this Forum]

Auto-Raters -- Autorater Support & Discussion Thread -- Script for Auto Rating Games on Kongregate -- pkedpker's Autorater

Kongregate Badge & Highscore Hacking Tool -- Support & Download Thread

Variable Editors -- Atlas by NightEternal -- Jinron's Variable Scanner -- drkgodz's Variable scanner

SWF Downloaders -- CacheViewer - FireFox Addon

To download just bring up CacheViewer (Tools pulldown), search for "chat.kong", find the Shockwave Flash link, and right-click download.

Useful Websites

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Flash Gaming Websites

[Will Not include every site on this list, just the good ones]

Armor Games

Other References/Hacking Sites

Google - Unless you're retarded, you know this site. Use it to find stuff not listed here. -- Cheat Engine Forums -- Our Old Forum [DEAD, DOMAIN RELEASED] -- HtK Old Blog [Dead]
Variable scanners/editors:
Drkgodz' Variable Editor
Flash Variable Editor by Jinron
Atlas by NightEternal
There is a Useful script for quickly digging out the game url here

Yogda - Tool for messing with AVM2 bytecode (Action Scrip 3), lots of helpful documentation inside. Link

WPE - Winsock Packet Editor, if the game's code is obfuscated/encrypted but the client/server protocol is plain text then this is what you can use to do lots of potentially cool stuff. Link1, Link2


AVM2 bytecode Link
RABCDasm Toolkit (DASM, ASM, GZIP) for AMV2 bytecode that is working like a charm,
frequently updated and on top of that Open-Source:

And a pretty usefull Firefox-Extension called Firebug for locating the correct SWF-Files
(Network-Tab -> Flash) rather than using ABP (which wasn't ment for locating SWF-Files):

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