[Request] Squid Ink
Idle game with squids
Squid Ink
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Squid Ink

Idle game with squids
Last Updated: 05/16/2020 22:58

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Live out your wildest fantasy as a squid farmer in this riveting idle adventure. Stroke and nourish your squids, discover monuments and produce the finest inks known to squidkind. Earn your sea legs by cultivating your farm into a flourishing inkorporation.
RE: Squid Ink Posted on: 06/19/2018 12:02pm
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dtbarnes86 Posted on: 01/28/2018 5:10pm

Countdown timers for abilities are Float*1. 

Activate an ability. I scan for 25 when the timer gets to 25. Then rescan a few seconds later, like scan 20 when it's at 20. Then you can lock the value, giving you abilities that last until you turn off the game.

Doesnt work anymore as well :(

RE: Squid Ink Posted on: 11/04/2018 8:12pm
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Well, I got the ability timer hack to work, just need to target the right process. It is still Float*1 and if you're on Chrome, its the Subframe: https://konggames.com/  process.

Too bad the addresses change when you "Sell Out" :(

RE: Squid Ink Posted on: 03/02/2019 8:52pm
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If you don't want to sell out, you can buy investors instead to get the pearls.

But you still have to sell out to get the achievements related to that, and I can't help with that. If I find a solution, I'll update this post.

Edit: Solution found for the super speed run achievements. Time since last sellout (Path: Achievements > Stats) is also in Float*1, just like any other time address. Scan with "Value between..." and a range of 1000 (ex. 22315000 - 22316000)
Note: Good math skills required!

1 week = 604 800 seconds
1 day = 86 400 seconds
And you know the rest.

If it's been long since you did a sellout, you should get only 1 address. Change it's value to 0, then sell out (just this once!). If your level is higher than 2001, you should get all the speed run achievements.
Hope this helps, and PM me if you need further assistance! :)

RE: Squid Ink Posted on: 01/15/2020 10:11pm
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Anyone have any ideas how to rework the chest trick? I haven't been able to get it to work :/ 

RE: Squid Ink Posted on: 05/13/2020 8:37pm
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Didn't work for me either, I recommend just doing x10 speedhack.

RE: Squid Ink Posted on: 05/16/2020 10:58pm
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Oyster timer for pearl is Float*1 in seconds. If you freeze it at 0 you can keep collecting pearls (but there is an animation that slows a bit the farming).

Crab that opens chests is a Float*1 between 0 and 120. Freeze at 0 to have it open the chests automatically. Together with the +chest drop % is a nice combo, and even more with the speed increase of CE.

Last, but not least, the timer for the floor in the pyramid exploration thing is a Float*1 in seconds. Freeze at 0 to speed the explorations. This gives quite a bunch of doubloons and the golden coins.

Ah, I almost forgot! The puzzle box timer is also a Float*1 in seconds.