[Request] Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Posted on: 07/06/2018 8:25pm
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Hello! I used the Search feature and didn't found a thread about this game so I decided to make one! It's from the same guys who made Crusaders of the Lost Idols, who already have a dedicated page in the database with cheats, hacks and discussions, so I hoped to do something similar with this one. The game is very similar to CotLI, but it's much better in my opinion in terms of strategy and campaigns. The only problem is that the game (as of today) doesn't have a good way to obtain and gear event champions, they tried to do something about it with the Time Gates update but honestly it's not much help. The absurd amounts of gems needed to buy familiars also sucks.

Like CotLI, the game is tied to the server, so most of the simple modifications with Cheat Engine (like freezing/modifying addresses) don't work. Also, some hacks that worked in CotLI like freezing the adress of consumables (Quantum Leaps, Gold Bonanzas, etc), a very helpful hack to gear event characters and make them more useful in that game, don't work on this one, so I guess the devs are doing their homework lol.

Good news, though! Speedhacking with Cheat Engine works like a charm on this game, and even 500 speed makes very good differences with no problems for the game or PC, when in CotLI 50/100 speed already made the game unplayable. This makes favor grinding and gem farming much more easier and manageable, but using it for too long is very CPU heavy since in this game (and in COtLI) the game has a constant memory dump, and speedhacking intensifies this process. It's a bug that exists since the beggining of COtLI and the devs don't want (or don't know how) to fix it, so the best option is to restart the game to "clean up" CPU usage before the game crashes so that it autosaves without the risk of losing progress.

Other sites also mentioned a way to make bigger gold drops, but in my opinion this hack it's not very useful in the long run because the hack is applied in a fixed amount so in bigger areas it's better to turn it off. 

So, anyone found some more useful hacks for this game? 

Edit: more good news! I found a cheat table at this Cheat Engine site by a guy named koderkrazy:


That changes the gold multiplier directly! With this, gaining favor finally stops being a torture to become something more fair and even *gasp* fun! I hope this helps as much as it helped me! Just remember to check the option "Activate mono features" in the "Mono" tab!