[Request] Idle Raid : Battles
Request help for this one
Idle Raid : Battles Posted on: 11/17/2019 3:00am
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Well i've jumped ahead and tried to look for diamonds (i think the easier way might be through achievements or so ?)

Because currently i've found 2 values but they change from adding the 2 values together then removing it from the total number for 1 diamond, or it picking one of the 2 values, or it multiplying the value by 2 and adding +1 .

Haven't found a set path in it neither yet because i've currently stopped at 10 spendings surprise

RE: Idle Raid : Battles Posted on: 11/17/2019 3:48am
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I've tried also, exactly the same as you to no joy. I'm just fumbling around in the dark really, but would be interested to see if anyone more capable has any success.