Whirled Posted on: 05/19/2009 2:50am
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What is it? It is a type of Kongregate.

Link: http://www.whirled.com/

Post requests on games in the forum you would like help cheating on.
Re: Whirled Posted on: 05/19/2009 11:16pm
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Alright I have an account created, waitin for some requests!
Re: Whirled Posted on: 05/19/2009 11:32pm
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Site is dead to me.. Runs like shit on opera. I really do hate piss poor coding
Re: Whirled Posted on: 05/22/2009 2:29pm
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The site is a bit manky; but there's lots of trophies to grab. It does look like the APIs more b0rked than Kongregates!