Pingball Posted on: 06/17/2009 4:49pm
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Idea: Drop a ball through a pinball style table and try and get it to fall in to the highest point scoring area.
Gameplay: Good fun, I've played other games like this before, and they're always fun to play, it would be better if there were some other way to accrue points rather than just falling in the boxes (like if the pins would give you points/multiplier, etc).
Point to Coin Exchange Rate: 2,000 points = 1 Coin (30,000 for 15 coins) + 50 experience points

Hack: Edit the .sol with any sol editor and tick all of the Boolean terms (ukstate, chinastate, etc). Also, change the value of Level11 to 30,000 and make sure the others are 0 or not a lot to get your 30,000 points, open up the game and start playing.