Exit Path
Exit Path Posted on: 09/05/2010 3:46am
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Basic platformer. Slightly old game, but I just started playing it and there's multiplayer, which is kinda fun.

I couldn't create AoBs because sothink kept crashing, and when I tried to decrypt it, the entire "Action" folder disappeared (that was really weird...). There isn't much that seems to be hackable with cheat engine value scanning, but I tried to hack flow (a resource that temporarily increases your speed), the values were a pain in the ass to find (unknown initial value =/), not to mention the values kept switching back somehow, even though I froze them. So I couldn't really hack anything at all. D: Any help here?
Re: Exit Path Posted on: 09/05/2010 4:18am
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played this too... nice game actually. Not interested in hacks really... but if you guys havent, i would really suggest giving this game a try (broken image removed)
Re: Exit Path Posted on: 09/18/2010 8:57pm
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Im looking for hacks for this. Really want to see what hacks for this would be like (probably instant rewind or stop spikes)
Re: Exit Path Posted on: 08/25/2011 12:21am
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I see 2 hacks too little in this topic. That's about to change (broken image removed)
Get flow instead of lose it when stopping
66 9f 0d 24 14 a1
66 9f 0d 24 14 a0
Get flow when using it
66 9f 0d 24 05 a1
66 9f 0d 24 05 a0

Use both to never lose flow, or one to make it easier.

And another thing, don't you hate it when someone's signature looks like part of their post?