The Bible Online
The Bible Online Posted on: 09/14/2010 9:05am
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The games in beta stage, but it looks to play like Ikariam or Heroes of Gaia.  I'm just curious, do you all think there will be less jerks on a game like this? (broken image removed)  I've thought about this and I realize that perhaps the players will either, turn the other cheek or go for an eye for an eye...  I mean the game looks pretty decent for the genre and I'd love a beta key but I always find that these types of games full of trash talkers, or people who like to do nothing but attack you.  This leads me to believe that the game will be full of trash talkers who use the bible to justify smiting you into non exsistance.
Re: The Bible Online Posted on: 09/14/2010 10:44am
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*COUGHOUGHAOUGHAGH* This is a GAME, it does not belong in the TALK section... and please don't spam the forums to ask for Beta keys unless someone is willing to give one away.