My First Quantum Trans.

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My First Quantum Trans.

Last Updated: 09/17/2010 12:03

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Help Quantum Translocator guy test out his first Quantum Translocator.
My First Quantum Trans. Posted on: 09/17/2010 12:03pm
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Medal AoBs (v.5)
2c 4a 46 31 01 - Out Now for the PS3!!!
2c 4b 46 31 01 - The End?(broken image removed)
2c 47 46 31 01 - The Jar Does Nothing!
2c 4d 46 31 01 - Promise Kept
2c 4c 46 31 01 - Enough McChickens to Feed a Small Village

2c 35 46 1b 01 - The Final Frontier (not switchable with other medals (broken image removed))

.sol at last level (credit goes to Master_X)

[attachment=0:2cf1sre8].sol files.rar[/attachment:2cf1sre8]
Replace these .sol files with yours and beat the last level, repeat it with medal switch to get all medals.

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