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Solipskier - 50 pts. (new window)

Mind the Gap

  Survive for 1 minute

Colors of the Wind

  Lose your headphones by reaching a speed of 70 km/h

Ski Along the Razor's Edge

  Obtain an 80x multiplier

Game Dscription
Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and slalom through gates to get huge scores!
Solipskier Posted on: 09/27/2010 10:14pm
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From the kong thread:

Code: [Select]
Always tunnel:
09 60 ?? ?? 46 ?? 06 00 75 2a 63 07
09 24 01 02 02 02 02 02 75 2a 63 07

But that doesn't seem to help with the 1 million points while in midair.  Even at speedhack 0.1 I couldn't draw a steep enough jump to get above 1000m with the infinite tunnel on.

Since the yellow gates add points while in midair there may have to be a different hack for that medal.  Perhaps finding out how to make yellow gates all the time? Although it is almost like that already...
Re: Solipskier Posted on: 09/28/2010 6:05am
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Re: Solipskier Posted on: 09/29/2010 12:17am
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Replace Where'd All My Tunes Go At?! with Sick Air!
60 ff 06 2c b0 07
60 ff 06 2c ab 07

Or if you prefer, replace Nice Jump with Sick Air! *UN-TESTED*
60 ff 06 2c a8 07
60 ff 06 2c ab 07

I haven't posted in AoB in forever...