[Request] Slice Fortress 2

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[Request] Slice Fortress 2

Last Updated: 10/15/2010 02:25

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Game Dscription
Hard Tower Defense Game - Not for the faint hearted Fight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls. 46 Unique Fighters, 40 Addictive Levels of Sword and Sorcery Bliss. Create clever strategies with 7 damage types - your physical weapons are Arrow, Blade and Oil, and magical skills are Fire, Storm, Necromancy, and Holy - but it always helps to have a little Imp casting Buffs too. In Campaign mode you have get new types of unit to command on each level. Every Campaign level has a Star challenge which unlocks a unit for Freeplay mode. In Freeplay you can use all your unlocked units to aim for high scores.
[Request] Slice Fortress 2 Posted on: 10/14/2010 8:13pm
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Here's link:

http://cache.armorgames.com/files/games ... n-7096.swf

Hacks would be:
Gold and health


I got the gold,could you help me with the health?
I need the hex AoBs to make a prehack.
Re: [Request] Slice Fortress 2 Posted on: 10/15/2010 12:36am
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Pretty shitty game.  Only tested on a couple levels.

bought units add gold
66 2d d2 90
66 2d d2 02

bought upgrades add gold
12 90 03 00 90
12 90 03 00 02

60 4e 62 10 90
60 4e 62 10 02

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Re: [Request] Slice Fortress 2 Posted on: 10/15/2010 2:25am
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Quote from: "praetor"
Pretty shitty game.  
Damn right  (broken image removed)

Thanks a bunch - karma up!