CodeName Ezekiel

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CodeName Ezekiel

Last Updated: 11/24/2010 18:15

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Game Dscription
Blast are your enemies away in this retro style vertical shooter, 25 stages - 5 bosses
CodeName Ezekiel Posted on: 11/24/2010 6:15pm
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5e d6 01 24 01 => 5E D6 01 24 64 (increases damage)

Killing Spree Kill 100 enemies
Boss Attacker: Kill boss 1
Rampage: Kill 500 enemies
Boss Killer: Kill boss 2
Boss Hunter: Kill boss 3
Massacre: Kill 1000 enemies
Boss Destroyer: Kill boss 4
Boss Annihilator: Kill boss 5
General: Get 5 stars rating (probably 5M points)
Lieutanant: Get 3 star rating (probably 3M points)
Recruit: Get 1 star rating (probably 1M points)