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Posting template. Posted on: 12/26/2010 1:29pm
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Topic Title - When starting a new topic post your problem in the title, don't just post "HELP!".

If you're asking for helps with an application, game problem or with a Windows error etc post the version of windows you have, the amount of ram you have, your cpu, gpu, etc. We need to know that information to help fix your problem.

Also no matter what your issue is, we need you to fully explain your problem and if possible a screenshot of the issue if it's something that can be seen. More or less post as much information as possible about your issue and if it's system related we need your system information.

Here's an example of how a correct topic would look.

Title- Game X crashes when I try to load it in Browser Y

Subject -

I'm trying to run game x, my current specifications are
Cpu - 3ghz Dual Core Intel
Gpu - Geforce 9400 GT with the newest drivers installed
Ram - 2gb of DDR2
HDD - 250gb
Operating System - Windows 7 Pro

*Insert sceenshot of error message the game gives*