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sol error Posted on: 01/21/2011 7:15pm
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(i had posted this somewhere eles and someone told me i was posting it wrong. thanks for tellin me)
Ok i have a problem when im going to open a game with sol (you know go to run then %appdata% then the whole rest of the procces)when i reach the part where you have to choose witch file i choose gamez then 008 folder then 2021 folder then live folder then it goes to the necronator folder then i click it and then it opens the necronator folder now normaly you have to click whats inside of the necronator folder for it to open it with sol  well when i click it it shows up an error it says


    the program has encoutnered the following error

Unknown type tag (0x6F) for key ameLevelAchievementTimeLimit   7 at position 0x0000008B.

and on other games it shows up diffrent errors but theres to meny games to post all the errors ( not every game has an error only some)

what exactly is goin on?

ps: i frogot to say that before that shows up it tells me if i want to relod sol cause there was a change if i press yes then this shows up

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Re: sol error Posted on: 01/21/2011 7:22pm
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It's either AS3 and your program (is it .Sol Editor?) can only read AS2, or it's encrypted.

Get a decent .sol editor. Word around shows that Minerva is decent, but try and get a version of Ragnarok that works for you, the sol editor there is awesome.
Re: sol error Posted on: 01/22/2011 12:12pm
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