Gem Craft: Labyrinth
Re: Gem Craft: Labyrinth Posted on: 04/22/2011 1:53pm
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cum here
Quote from: "deadlykillz"
Anyone know how to get my saved game to kong?
locate the game save from Armor Games.

%Appdata%MacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects(random letter and number)cache.armorgames.comgiabGclSaveData.sol

then you copy that into

%Appdata%MacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjects(random letter and number)

Re: Gem Craft: Labyrinth Posted on: 04/22/2011 1:57pm
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Yeah searching the folder.. I don't have the save game data. I have stats and another .sol file but not the save game data DOH
Re: Gem Craft: Labyrinth Posted on: 04/22/2011 9:44pm
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This thread is shit (again.) Got something useful to contribute? PM a moderator.
For every question you have, it's been answered. Go through the thread.

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Re: Gem Craft: Labyrinth Posted on: 07/14/2011 11:48am
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Credits to axelme for the following .sol file, containing two saved-games:

Quote from: "axelme"
1: lvl 2.7k, the skill which gives you gems at the start it`s at 300+ points.... so you get 1 of that " cool omg hacked" gems (broken image removed)

2: 2.6k level,all skill points can be used... i haven`t finished it.... but it`s still cool if you want to play it from... i can`t say 0...cuz i played a bit... ehm..from 7%....with lots of power.Belive me....first time then you play using this savegame,just make a dual gem (broken image removed)))

I checked the file, only a .sol file and a .txt file.