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Sothink Decompiler Posted on: 04/14/2011 8:22am
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Whan version of Sothink Decompiler are you ppl using? Today I tried to hack Solipskier and all actionscripts are empty. I tried to opened it in v5.5 and v6.0. First i thought that it might have good encryption but i found some aobs on forum and im wondering how ppl found them.

Edit 1: OK it looks like smth has screw up with my comp since now every game o open in sothink is empty even ones that worked before :/ I always get error "an unnamed file contains an incorrect path". Anyone knows the cause?

Edit2: Error occurs only when i want to see AS in program, but when i export it to file, file looks normal.

Edit3: Looks like there was some stuff left from previous ver of Decompilers in Temp folder. I just cleaned it and it works fine now.