[Request] Nitrome - Steamlands
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Pixel Retro Steampunk Strategy Tank

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[Request] Nitrome - Steamlands

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Build tanks and destroy tanks in this RTS from pixel wizards Nitrome.
[Request] Nitrome - Steamlands Posted on: 04/22/2011 6:44pm
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Recently i started playing this game at nitrome.com

Its fun but after few lvls upgrades are becoming more and more expensive and you gain less money per lvl than before. It makes game annoying. I wondered, if any of you tried to find any AOBs for this? Especially something that would give you more money?

I tried using cheat engine, found money value with 4b*1 but every time i change it when i buy anything it goes back to normal value. Also when i change it and start new lvl, after finishing it money is unchanged. I also tried to freeze value but its not working.

Also i tried to open sol file (location:   cdn.nitrome.comgamessteamlands) with soledit program but every time i try to open sol file errors appear and program cant load my sol file. Could anyone suggest me a better sol edting program for winXP that will allow me to edit this sol file (and hopefully change amount of money to much bigger value?) or edit my file? (i attached solfile).

Thank you in advance for any help.
(ps. i wanted to post in old topic but its locked and all spammed, thats why i posted new topic)
Re: [Request] Nitrome - Steamlands Posted on: 04/22/2011 7:07pm
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cum here
try Minerva.

Re: [Request] Nitrome - Steamlands Posted on: 04/22/2011 7:51pm
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Thanks much, worked like charm.