[Request] City Siege 2: Resort Siege
City Siege 2
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City Siege 2 Resort Siege

Last Updated: 03/15/2012 12:03

[Request] City Siege 2: Resort Siege

Last Updated: 05/25/2011 21:34

[Request] City Siege 2: Resort Siege

Last Updated: 05/22/2011 11:57

City Siege 2 - 50 pts. (new window)

Baddie Beatdown

  Kill 30 baddies

Bunker Buster

  Clear level 15

Three Medal Resort

  Earn 3 medals on each level

Game Dscription
The follow up to last year’s City Siege. You thought it was all over and went on vacation and then this happens… Those darned baddies are back, but this time they are trying to take over the beach! More levels, more units, more destruction! Look out for the all new Spy, Transport ‘Copter and Veteran. But what’s this? The baddies now have tanks, well that’s just not fair and if that wasn’t enough they have their own helis and veterans too! This is gonna be a challenge!
Re: [Request] City Siege 2: Resort Siege Posted on: 05/22/2011 11:57am
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Quote from: "Lozai"
Can someone please make new AoB. We have both asked properly, now do it...  

Just in case that came off as rude, I do plan on sucking off whoever can make a working AoB for this game...  Ya know, cuz I'm a tool.

well unlike this leecher I actually appreciate the hacks you guys release lol would be nice if someone put up one or a couple aobs for this game (broken image removed) got the badges already but it would be fun to use aobs on it (broken image removed)