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{Requestss} Two Games Red Code 3 & Egyptian Tales
Hello Everyone. I am currently playing two games from miniclip and while both are really god and decent they do get a bit harder at the end especially Red Code 3, you get swarmed with a lot of enemies and the controls get too difficult for you to really win. I tried looking for the codes but the codes as with most miniclip are double and change as you find them. Health was 4b*1 but there is another set of codes to look for and if you get the wrong one the games freeze up. I am wondering if anyone when they are able to and have the time would be able to find just unlimited health for both of these games. That is all I really need and nothing else.

The links for both of these games are:

Red Code 3:

Egyptian Tale:

Once again if anyone is able to find the other sets of codes/bytes for these games where they dont freeze up I would really appreciate it and of course just unlimited health.

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Anyone come with anything yet for these two?? Oh yeah by the way the red code is not stable for what i seen so far it changes and crashes when you try for instant upgrade.
Um, hi fellas, anyone able to find the code byte for red code 3 yet for leveling points. I tried using double, 8 byte, and 4 byte for the point system that is used to upgrade weapons gear and everything else but still can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated on which one I must use in order to increase or change the upgrade points of the game.