recompiling Posted on: 07/03/2011 5:04pm
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i have no idea if there really is something called "recompiling" or not, but so what.

i have installed a game, and want to change something in the code.
i have found three decompilers "Sothink" where i can see the code used for the game, but not change it, and decompile it from an .swf file, "Trillix" where i can do the same thing as in "Sothink" as well as edit the pictures and sound but not he code, and "SWiX" where i can change things in the .swf file (but i cant understand the xml code).
and then since i cant use these programs to do all that i want i have used on of the two first to decompile the .swf file i want to change.
now i have a few hundred .as files with tons of code and an .fla file with tons of different shapes, pictures and sounds.
i found the right .as files, and changed the code i wanted to change.

now here comes the problem: how do i "recompile" all of these .as files and the .fla file into one single .swf file again so that i can replace the original .swf file?

thanks in advance for any help i get.
Re: recompiling Posted on: 07/03/2011 6:19pm
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Basically, compile everything into a swf file.

Easy way is to get your hands on a Flash IDE - Flash CS#, or for a free alternative, Flash Develop. They both have their own documentation for compiling (I think it's sometimes referred to as "publishing" for some reason, also sometimes "building" which makes a little more sense) into swf format, so it'll be easy.

The cool way is to use the Flex SDK directly. These fancy IDEs just use Flex. I personally have no experience there, but it'll probably be very ugly and annoying, since Adobe is lame
Re: recompiling Posted on: 07/03/2011 6:51pm
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i do have Adobe Flash Professional CS5 if that is what you ment, but when i open one of the .as files in it i can "import scrip", but that does only insert the code from the new .as file into the old one, (basically the same as copy paste from one text document till another) witch is not what i want, an i can not insert the .fla file either. if i open the .fla file i cant import any of the .as files, i can make an .swf, but it does not contain any of the code from the .as files.

even thou i have seen something about Flex when i have looked around for the solution to my problem i have no idea what it is.
Re: recompiling Posted on: 07/03/2011 8:29pm
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If you just wanna change the code I think you can use Yogda
Re: recompiling Posted on: 07/03/2011 10:05pm
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so now i have tried to use both Flex and Yogda.

with Flex i have downloaded the .rar file, but can't find any way to actually install anything.
and with Yogda (i have managed to install) i don't understand anything when i try to find the code.

i have found a guide to install Flex SDK but i can't make heads or tales of it, can anyone tel me how to install Flex SDK?
Re: recompiling Posted on: 07/04/2011 1:19am
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If all you want to do is change a line of code, you can try this for AS2/AS3 games or Flasm, which works for most AS2 games.

The .as files, if used anywhere, are automatically compiled into the .swf. If the file was decompiled correctly, all you have to do is open the .fla and compile/publish it (File -> Publish  or  Ctrl + Enter).

With a game as big as the one you're decompiling, Sothink/Trillix is bound to make a mistake somewhere. You will have to fix these one by one by double clicking on them in the "Compiler Errors" window. The first thing I do is check whether the .fla is set to AS2 or AS3 in publish settings. You should also make sure the document class is set if the game has one.
Re: recompiling Posted on: 07/04/2011 1:18pm
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thanks i didn't notice the 240 compiling errors before.