We would like a new tutorial for root variables
We would like a new tutorial for root variables Posted on: 07/18/2011 10:20am
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old one has interesting information but it is poorly done in its structure lacking several critical informations such as "where the heck this +5 offset comes from" or also "why he skipped from eight to zero?". Seriously im trying to learn but the topic with the guide is old and if someone would like or feel that can improve it with his own knowledges please go forth and do it

managed root variables for two games i think im getting used to it but still there are things (the same from the first post) that i do not understand :cry:

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The "old" post is about an old topic. Besides, it contains all the information needed - you probably skipped the actual, technical part: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=283

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Seriously, the old one is great.  If you can't understand the theoretical stuff, then ignore it, and just follow these steps:

1) Search for the root variable, _level0/:whatever.  It should return an address.  For example, 00112233

2) Search for the address in reverse hex pairs - 33 22 11 00.  This should return another address that ends with C.  For example, 99AABBCC

3) Replace the last C with a 5, and reverse search again - C5 BB AA 99.  This should return an address ending with an 8.  For example, 22334488

4) Replace the last 8 with a 7, and reverse search again - 87 44 33 22.  This will return one last address.

5) Copy the address, go to "Add address manually."  Check the "pointer" box.  Put in the address.  Set the offset to 5.

Viola, you're done.