How to get this file?
How to get this file? Posted on: 08/02/2011 3:23am
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Hi guys,
I would appreciate if you guys help me around with this.

This is a short documentary of my favorite band and it's a few days exclusive - I'm not sure if it's a .swf or anything but what I'm asking here is how to save it. I tried numerous firefox plugins (video downloader, live http headers, unplug), I even tried RealPlayer downloader and swfdump, but I got nothing.

If it's there any way you can direct-link me to the file so I can save it it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys (broken image removed)
Re: How to get this file? Posted on: 08/07/2011 4:21pm
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This is a tricky one. I'm really short on time now, so this is all I could get. ... &width=903