Some SOLs are leaving me S.O.L. - Any ideas Why?

Yeah so, in certain games such as Dino Run and Gravitee 2, I download .SOLs and put them in the required locations, but upon refreshing the game and loading, i am greeted with my own save data - i.e. the SOL save data is not replacing my save data, despite the fact that i replace the SOL file.

I had someone suggest it was due to me not having enough memory available? But other SOLs work perfectly. Is there something different about these two games (that they may have in common but are different from many other games) that might not be working with my computer?

Using Chrome if that is of any importance...

EDIT: Found a solution to this problem - using IE instead of Chrome apparently reads the .SOLs properly.
This can be deleted or left for others with a similar problem.