Wondering.... Sacred Seasons 2 Free Survey gold hack
Okay, so I do not have programming/hacking knowledge (beyond inputting AOBs, and getting 3/4 of the way thru a root var.), but I had an idea...

Anyone who plays sacred seasons 2 knows that when you click "get gold" and go to the free survey site, it no longer works as of (a long time ago).

But the page still loads... I was simply wondering whether it is a possibility to somehow (maybe inject code using CE or something?) Send the message to that page that the "free survey" things were actually completed, and thus award your character with gold that used to be available?

Anyhow, just a thought....
cum here
Well first, you are trying to hack sonething which requires real life money, so it is illegal, and will not be hacked on this site.

Secondly, that would require packet editing and that is quite difficult, also I'm pretty sure there would be server checks so the likelihood of actually cheating the system is very slim.

And yes I know it's just a thought but thats's an answer for you.

Moving to Help and locked.