Issue with CE
Issue with CE Posted on: 08/28/2012 1:51am
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I've been using CE for about 3 or 4 years now to play with the kongregate games.
But for a while now it just never seems to find ANYTHING in the searches.

I attach it to the plugin-container.exe and search for the AoB's like i've always done (even on games that i've been able to find values on before (4-bit or double even)
and never get results anymore ... speed hack doesn't even work either = /

I've updated CE and am using version 6.2 ... could that be the problem?
Re: Issue with CE Posted on: 08/28/2012 11:37am
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try to attach it to one of the flash plugins, seems to work for me
Re: Issue with CE Posted on: 09/22/2012 1:36am
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yup I had the same issuses,
but since I make hacks, i know how to slove it.. might be slower but will find for sure..
set speed hack to 1
and click on writeable twice (like instead having a check inside, it should have a black or other color filled inside)
then scan...might lag computer little bit but will find results at the end. if the code is right..