Incursion [armorgames]
Incursion [armorgames] Posted on: 11/15/2012 12:30am
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Skill Points:
8 Bytes * 1  (fixed position throughout the game)

8 Bytes * 1  (changes witch each level. But reuses sometimes previous addresses.) (Display is independent of the value, so it does not reflect the changes made!)

I'm completely wrong with the next part, just keeping it  for completion. I've tested it. It's just that the display of the money ingame doesn't change. So after changing the value one can spend the changed amount. But the display is independent and therefore can decrease below zero.

BUT with odd behavior. I was unable to freeze or change the value. But freezing it with "can increase" caused the game to go below zero to negative numbers. Allowing me to buy and upgrade as many units as i liked. //The money address. The Skill Points can be changed without an issue.
If someone understand why I can't change the value but doing this avoids the "enough money" check write me. I would really like to know. I know how negative numbers are computed but this behavior seems still odd to me.

Best wishes

Re: Incursion [armorgames] Posted on: 11/17/2012 8:55am
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thx man it really hel me out
Re: Incursion [armorgames] Posted on: 11/17/2012 8:58am
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thanks for the help It really help me out  (broken image removed) (broken image removed) (broken image removed) (broken image removed) (broken image removed) (broken image removed)
RE: Incursion [armorgames] Posted on: 03/26/2013 9:14pm
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This happened to me too, from what I understand the value displayed is on a different AOB than the actual data that the game pulls from, so it is calculated seperately and displays what is added and reduced while the data that the game is pulling from in terms of what the money value actually is, remains frozen, higher or lower.