Caching of Games doesnt work (Kongregate)
Caching of Games doesnt work (Kongregate) Posted on: 05/12/2013 7:55pm
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protected !

Since yesterday caching of games on kong doesnt work for me.

I'm using newest firefox and flash plugin. Also tried a clean firefox install and chrome, didnt work.

I checked "about:cache" entries in Firefox: the .swf files are all saved in cache. But everytime i restart a game on kong, the file is reloaded. It's annoying, coz i have got a slow internet connection :/

Caching on newgrounds and other gaming sites works fine. So i think its a a problem with kong website.

Can anybody confirm this ? Is it a server problem ?

RE: Caching of Games doesnt work (Kongregate) Posted on: 05/12/2013 8:08pm
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Your resident no-lifer

I noticed a small change for some of the games on kong that rendered me unable to grab them without a flash dumper and it had to reload each visit. That means you're not the only one. Kong might be changing their system again for some reason, which is supported by this happening to my dummy account but not to my main account.
I'm using a custom build of firefox (based off of firefox 10 but 90% changed). More confirmations would be good, but might be hard to get if it's a small test on kongs side.

Check out this guy, I always laugh at him.

If any of my AoBs are broken, send me a PM and I''ll see what I can do.