Setting up Jabiru to work with KongHack chat (with pictures)
Chat client for Android
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Jabiru is an XMPP client I have found which can be used to connect to the chat on any Android devices running. It is far better than Xabber the other XMPP client on the android, purely because Jabiru allows you to private message people whereas Xabber doesn't.

So here's how to set up Jabiru:

-Download the Jabiru app from Google Play Store here:

-Once you've downloaded Jabiru, run it and you should come up with this screen:

-Now press the menu button on your device and press accounts as shown:

-Press 'Default' where it says Accounts:

-Which brings to the next screen where you enter in your XMPP details:

Jabber ID: [Your Username]@chat.konghack
Password: [your KongHack password]

You MUST be disconnected from the chat on the webpage in order for this next step to work!*

-When you've done that exit the settings and then click the bird on the homescreen to connect, your screen should now look like this:

-Press the menu button again and click Conference and this screen should pop up:

For 'Host' enter:
For 'Room' enter: konghack
For 'Nick' enter your desired name (preferbly your username)

-Then press join and you should now be joined into the chat like this:

Okay now you have connected to the chat using Jabiru on your Android device.


Nice tutorial VxD! Now I wish I had a Smartphone :D