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Card Hunter
Looking for any hacks whatsoever
Card Hunter Posted on: 09/19/2013 7:12pm
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Browser-based game in which you can either play single-player campaigns or in PVP. You need an email addy to sign up, but other than that, it's just pick a name/password and go for it. If you go to Tools > Page Info in Firefox, the client itself is the .swf file, so at least you don't have to go rummaging around with the swf dumper or anything like that to find it.

Anyways, looking for hacks possibly to do with loot quality or a way to get the AI to skip its turn, something like that. Looked through the swf myself, but it's much bigger than I expected, and I haven't found anything worthwhile yet.

 - SJ

EDIT: Also - look, Tim! No [Request] tag in the title! Hooray for paying attention to site announcements!
RE: Card Hunter Posted on: 11/04/2013 9:54pm
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Aobscan(_pos,24 45)
//Picking up all loots also includes club items
46 b6 4b 00 11 0b 00 00 d2 d3 66 a5 8b 01 d1 4f c5 4b 01 c2 03 d3 d2 66 9d 52 15 db ff ff 47
46 b6 4b 00 11 00 00 00 d2 d3 66 a5 8b 01 d1 4f c5 4b 01 c2 03 d3 d2 66 9d 52 15 db ff ff 47

This is all I have for now. xD

RE: Card Hunter Posted on: 11/05/2013 1:11am
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This seems to be just a visual thing; when I click "collect all", it shows the club loot going into my bag, but it disappears after that. Is there a certain time you're entering this aob?
RE: Card Hunter Posted on: 11/06/2013 8:51am
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Aobscan(_pos,24 45)
I didnt noticed it, the hack doesnt work.
Sorry my bad.

RE: Card Hunter Posted on: 04/08/2015 8:53pm
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i dunno if this page is only for AOB... but i tryed to find numbers both inside and outside battles, single and multplayer...

all that i found are server sided and they roll back even berofe refreshing.