Shoot Many Robots
Unlimited Ammo/Beer
Shoot Many Robots Posted on: 10/26/2013 2:35pm
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In the neo-classic Shoot Many Robots, Beer, Nuts, and Secondary Ammo are both 4bx1.
Weirdly, you WILL have to search the values again every Level or every time you re-enter the SAME Level. They must REALLY not want players to hack, as instead of using Pointers to obfuscate, it actually de-allocates the extra memory between Levels!
If you have Task Manager, Process Lasso, or any other third-party replacement open at the time, you can actually see the game get bigger IN the Level, and smaller when you're in the RV that serves as shop and Level hub!
RE: Shoot Many Robots Posted on: 03/30/2014 7:34am
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If only this game can support LAN party T-T . Currently to play MP with my friends i need to use tunggle and it does drain bandwith.