DOS games
RE: DOS games Posted on: 06/20/2014 10:26pm
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Yep, GOG made lot's of DOS game enjoyable at newest WIndows (7 and maybe 8), for example Pirates! Gold Plus: Includes the 1987 original Sid Meier's Pirates! and 1993's Pirates! Gold.
But really, really get retro mood, when you play on old machine. Emulators and GOG games good to, but best playing on real old computer these games.

RE: DOS games Posted on: 07/25/2014 7:49pm
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Wow these games are when I'm not yet alive and not here on earth lol, might wanna try this thanks for sharing :D

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

RE: DOS games Posted on: 08/26/2014 5:14pm
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Looks awesome!  I remember spending days in the early 2000's trying to get some games to work.  Of course I just bought most of them on sale @ GOG.  To me it is worth the $3 or so to go back and look at all the old instruction manuals.

RE: DOS games Posted on: 12/06/2014 10:24am
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i remember some good old dos games .. mad tv ... police quest ... fifa 97 ... lemmings laugh and some more i don´t remember yet