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The Dark Mod Posted on: 01/27/2014 8:14pm
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The Dark Mod, a great stealth "mod". It is no longer a mod actually, it's more like a standalone game. Truth is, it did use to be a mod for Doom 3.

It's a very nice game. You get to play as pretty much a thief who robs. Is that interesting? Well, not in real life I guess, but in this game, for sure! Why?

First of all, you get to explore NOT JUST RICHFAGS' PLACES, but also some sexy-ass or creepy-ass places like Dungeons, Abandoned places, haunted places, eerie places with a strange history, etc.
And of course you get some armament, the good ol' shortsword for protection like in nearly every Medieval game, and a blackjack. That's it? No. You also get some Broadhead Arrows, even though you don't really hunt animals...But you also get Water arrows, which turn off lights, and even Fire Arrows, which are very strong! You get moss and rope arrows as well, go guess what they are for. The tutorial ought to help you out.

If any of you ever played a game called "Thief The Dark Project" and/or "Thief The Machine Age", probably even "Thief Deadly Shadows", then I bet you'll love this game, if you did love those three or two games of course.

But, if you're a guy who JUST learnt of Thief because of the upcoming THI4F game or some shit, well goddamn! Go play the old ones instead! A lot fucking fun than that one.

Also, I know most of you are coders too, it would be very nice if you guys helped The Dark Mod team, a badass game is good for everybody, you know? :)

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RE: The Dark Mod Posted on: 08/19/2014 1:44pm
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Looks pretty cool ! I'll give it a try, and then try Thief games.
Or maybe it's better to begin with Thief games, gain some experience with stealth game and then play The Dark Mod ?

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RE: The Dark Mod Posted on: 08/19/2014 1:48pm
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It actually hardly matters, The Dark Mod has 0 Thief storyline, it only has a lot of references to it and such. TDM is just heavily influenced by Thief.

Though you can play Thief if you feel like knowing the masterpiece that started the Stealth Genre or something. Just like playing System Shock 2 to realize Bioshock looks the same.

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