Bingo Star (Windows 8 Game)
Bingo Star (Windows 8 Game) Posted on: 05/29/2014 1:05am
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Got some cheats that stick using Cheat Engine.

They stay the same so if you quit the game and go back. Their still there.

 If anyone needs help I am willing to make a Video Tutorial.


Step 1: Open cheat engine and find the process bingo.exe
Step 2: Scan your money/keys/coins/powerups in 4b*1
Step 3: Buy something with the coins and put that in Value box and next scan.
Step 4: Should only get 1-2 Addresses. Put both down into the drop down box and double click the Value.
Step 5: Put anything you want into the box and press Ok and look back on the game for the amount.

The values stick. I take no blame if you get banned from this app.