[Request] Obliterate Everything 3
hey guys , its about ultra trainer :) which im in love with
Obliterate Everything 3
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Obliterate Everything 3

hey guys , its about ultra trainer :) which im in love with
Last Updated: 02/15/2015 21:53

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Multiplayer strategy in space!
Obliterate Everything 3 Posted on: 06/02/2014 11:20pm
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I really like a new game on kongregate Obliterate everything 3 .. i found really good  2 hacks on ultra trainer which stops AI to build anything but i have a request if anyone can add a hack in trainer which will let us Upgrade ships and turrents for free , i would realy love that because i hate to keep up with pay to win players with lots of money :( ... last time i upgraded like 100 fighters and got all bad upgrades :/ its pain in ass .. i hope there was a hack for it so i can upgrade same ship/turrent again and again for free.

Real problem: currently it only lets us to upgrade one ship/turrent only once with really low luck rate .. if we get a bad upgrade its over and we have to buy that ship/turrent again :( and repeat the process over and over again with no outcome :( 

RE: Obliterate Everything 3 Posted on: 06/03/2014 3:51am
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Obliterate Everything 3 was a really good game.  I enjoyed playing it.

Free Build Range will not work soon Posted on: 07/27/2014 7:57pm
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[The image has been deleted by the owner himself]

The Hack works at AI and Multi as well, however Cww the developer announced he is going to inject the fix AoB against it.
He didnt changed the code that time, but soon it will not work. need sone update for this hack I guess.

-Post update 07/29/2014
The developer fixed the code, when build structures out of base range both players explode and prints out 'defeat' and lose points.

Seems need to update resource add when build stuctures instead of subtract as well.

I PMed kolonelkadat to request for his hack updated, but refused bacause of my 'little' mistake.

-Post update 08/01/2014
The unlimited build range hack for AI works, but sometimes pauses when meet cloud dual.

And also 'building adds resources' hack has completely banned, so better vote 'doesnt work' in order to increase accuracy of usage for future hack user.

However, I am planning to request about the resource hacks to another trusted submitter, so stay chill.

-Post update 08/06/2014
Ive noticed that someone is using these hacks in pvp, and also spotted someone who wants to as well.

Hack users, these hacks are for Campaign, not for PvP. Again, this is not for PvP.

Im speaking directly to you three, BSF4Life, Akababa, alalala.

This is not funny. Hack is for YOUR pleasure, not for harming OTHERS. 

-Post update 08/12/2014
Those players who are not sure what good mods you should get and construct your
perfect team on campaign (especially PVP), see this post. PM me for more info.
These upgrades are the best mods I can prefer, Ive tested in lv 30 campaign hundreds of times.
Also, there are 3 mods you can get per ship, but I wrote 3+, in order to choose a variety of mods you can get.
Please note your ships should be the RED ones, and if you choose bay mods, make sure you get at least 2 carrier racks as Technology.
The most important mods are listed first, and try to get at least  mod which is bold if its a GREEN ship.

[This post is not recommended to be shown by device]

ForFighters: Cloak / Self-Destruction / Engine E / Shield E.
    Especially for Rapiers: +20% range / +20% range / Cloak / Engine E
                     for Miners:  +20% fire rate / +20% fire rate / Cloak / Self-Destruct / +6 armor regen / Shield E

For Mediums: Shield C~E / Self-desturction / Piranha(Sapphire/Rapier/Fury if carrier) bay / Cloak.
    Especially for Exhumers : Piranha Bay / Self-Destruction / Cloak / Shield E
                     for Cobras: Shield E / Piranha Bay / Self-Desturction(I cant think any better mods than these)
                     for HadesesCloak / Piranha Bay / Self-Destruction / Shield E 

For CapitalsShield A~C / Self-Destruction / Cloak / Piranha(same option as mediums) bay
    Especially for Cataclysms: Shield A / Piranha Bay / Self-Destruct / Cloak
                     for Jupiters: Self-Destruct / Cloak / Sapphire, Rapier, Hawk, or Fury Hangar / Shield A
                     for Hammerheads: Piranha bay / Self-Destruct / Freeze rounds(lol) / Shield A~E

What are your best mods do you think?

If you want to put more from this list, just add a post below mine.

P.S. Self-Destruct + Hangar = free bomb launcher

-Post update Sep 23rd 2014
No update for this game so far, though I expect this wont take long.

-Post update Nov 13th 2015
It is believed several updates for this game has done, I will also update the post for this game in no time.

Currently working on Backyard Monsters on Facebook, if any questions/suggestions with BYM Hacks, PM me and we can discuss.

RE: Obliterate Everything 3 Posted on: 02/15/2015 9:53pm
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so only one AoB hack works now atm.
but it is a good one ;)

and by the way u can still look for simple double value for metal and energy... at least in singleplayer.