[Request] Shell Shock Live 2
ShellShockLive2 Multishot Hack
Shell Shock Live 2 Posted on: 10/22/2014 7:00pm
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Hey guys,

I've seen this on youtube many times, people did multishot hack using Cheat engine.

Basically, you get XP according to ur damage u did in this game. so with mulshot, u can do many damage and get huge xp in a matter of seconds. 

Don't worry about me being banned for using this type of hack or anything, you just need to try to hack it and then teach me.

This is the game link: shellshocklive2.com

Is multishot hack possible or atleast a speed hack? I've tried with cheat engine nothing works.

RE: Shell Shock Live 2 Posted on: 02/21/2015 3:42pm
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Well i hate to dissapoint you but i worked on a program for about 2 and a half years that can do anything to any game it uses the already created mesh, program, and directionPOST files. I tested it on games it worked great but then Shell Shock Live 2 game doesent follow the same rule as the other games do, so you need a special program that can do it... and im not in the mood to make another one.