shit puzzle game with dating option
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skip bejew*led 1 01/24/2015

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HuniePop 05/12/2015
HuniePop Posted on: 01/24/2015 11:34am
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nothing special about this game, except it try-to-be-nukige on steam with some gimmick puzzle (bejxweled *cough* *cough*), no story, no character interactive.

the game create in unity 3d and you can find Assembly-CSharp.dll in game folder

RE: HuniePop Posted on: 05/12/2015 2:20am
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the game is fairly easy to cheat just attach cheat engine to the hunipop process and when you enter a puzzle use the speed hack to slow it down as much as you want the money is also doable using basic methods i belive its 4bytes how ever i did it ages ago