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How to resign PS3 saves
PS3 Save Resign Posted on: 03/03/2015 11:24pm
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 Ok, how many times you want to play a game just for become happy? You download a save from the internet and copy, but you can't save, you can't do nothing, just play. When you finish this topic you go download a save and copy to you ps3, and now you can save and modify the save
(All the download link are in the final)

0- Requeriments
 USB Stick
 A PS3 (with your save)

1- PC programs
 Microsoft .NET Framework 4
 PS3 Save Resigner

2- Tutorial
 -Copy your save to the pendrive or HD
 -Put the pendrive on PC and copy the save to your desktop ( X:\PS3\SAVEDATA\xxxxxxxx)
 -Open the save resigner, go to global settings and put

SySCON Manager key = D413B89663E1FE9F75143D3BB4565274
KeyGen key = 6B1ACEA246B745FD8F93763B920594CD53483B82
Game save PARAM.SFO key = 0C08000E090504040D010F000406020209060D03
Fallback disc hash key = D1C1E10B9C547E689B805DCD9710CE8D
 -Go to profile, put a name and click Load Param.sfo (select your param.sfo file in your save)
 -Click in Add New Profile
 -Go to Open > Single Gamesave
 -Browse the save you have downloaded
 -Load From > Existing Profile
 -Now select the profile you have created
 -Check if the region code corresponds to the copy you have at home. You can find this region code on the side of the game case. If it’s different, type over your own code in the Region text field
 -Click in Save to Current USB drive
 -Copy back to your PS3
 -Become HAPPY

3-Download link