Simgirls 5.5
Edited SWF file for max cash and energy
Simgirls 5.5 Posted on: 07/24/2015 8:38pm
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    I used a flash decompiler, then a flash editor, then a hex editor in order to accomplish the following:
        A TON of money as soon as you start, enough for the entire game
        An insane amount of energy on your first
        Each day starts you off with 999 energy

    - Because you will have an incredible amount of energy your first day, you should give gifts to all the girls until they all have about 8000 relationship exp.
    - The 999 energy a day is the maximum possible without error, because for some reason the advance day script sets your energy to a string (I really don't know why).
    - Remember that dates will set your energy to zero, so save those for the end of the day.
    - When running the model agency you will get 40 turns in the minigame instead of 4 because it uses all your energy (therefore you will only need to spend 2 days on this to gain the maximum number of fans).


RE: Simgirls 5.5 Posted on: 04/12/2016 1:47pm
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Wow thanks for sharing this mate.