AdVenture Capitalist 9.0 / 10
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Well Done Idle Game 07/12/2014 9

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Adventure Capitalist

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Last Updated: 08/26/2017 14:55

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About This Game Hey there Fancy Pants! Have you ever found yourself queuing up for your favourite interactive adventure, only to wish for something to fill the empty space while you?re waiting? Well have WE got a deal for you! Introducing AdVenture Capitalist - the game you play while playing other, better games! AdVenture Capitalist is the world?s greatest capitalism simulator. Start with a humble lemonade stand, and squeeze your way to total fiscal domination! Earn ridiculous sums of cash, diversify your investments, and attract smarmy Angel Investors to give your businesses a boost! And the best part is, AdVenture Capitalist can even play itself! Get your businesses booming, then hire a manager to keep making the dough while you?re gone. Money keeps accumulating while you?re offline, just waiting for you to come back and spend spend spend! IT?s so easy, even a socialist could do it! The Job Creator was within you all along... now show the rest of the world what you're made of! (Hint: it's money!) Start your rags to riches adventure - Only in AdVenture Capitalist!