Transport Defender
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Idle Mouse Only Space Unity Upgrades

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Transport Defender

Help with hacking version 2.0 and greater.
Last Updated: 09/20/2021 15:47

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About This Game

Defend the transport ship from being captured by enemy waves on the way to the jump hole. Enemies are not going shoot, they don't want to harm the hookers you have stolen. This is an Idle\Clicker game with the ability to setup configs of auto upgrades, and auto ascension.

Game features:
  • 1 mouse controlled turret (it can be upgraded to have 6 barrels, and shoot rockets)
  • 20+ auto weapons (including some funny weapons, ie. nyan cat launcher)
  • 200+ ship features you can buy and upgrade depending on your playstyle (idle or active), ie. money per click, or conversion of mouse controlled turret to auto.
  • 10 abilities
  • Weapons auto upgrade configuration
  • Projectile\hit effect colour selection for weapons
  • Overdrive system (don't click all the time, fill the bar with extra damage and rest your finger for a minute :) )
  • Options to disable projectiles\explosions\floating text\etc if you can't watch 300+ projectiles on the screen.
  • Offline progress (money and money\cargo generators)
  • No Sound (99.9% of the time, the game is going to be in the background)