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Demons vs Fairyland
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Fantasy Pixel Strategy Tower Defense Upgrades

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Demons vs Fairyland

Last Updated: 02/05/2014 20:56

Demons vs Fairyland

Last Updated: 02/03/2013 01:38


Fairy Stomper

  Kill 200 enemies

Trophy Hunter

  Earn 15 in-game badges

Demonic Daycare

  Deliver the children from Fairyland

Diamonds Are Forever

  Earn all 36 diamond stars

Game Dscription
The people of Fairyland are after you. Fight your way back to the dark forest in this epic tower defense ! Raise an army of skeletons, command powerful beasts, summon zombies, manipulate your enemies, unlock 30 skills, 56 achievements, upgrade your towers with special abilities and defeat your pursuers ! [Changelog – 12-01-14] - Fixed the diamond crown badge bug. If you haven’t unlocked the badge because of the bug, just win any mission to unlock it. - In some situations, selling a tower didn’t reset correctly the price. It’s fixed. - All watchtowers now have a better range and deal better damage. - The difficulty of missions 1, 2, 3 and 4 has been lowered. Encountered a bug ? Contact us at contact[at]