Road of the Dead 7.5 / 10
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Action Car Escape Upgrades Zombie

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Sure is fun 05/03/2014 7.5

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Road of the Dead

Last Updated: 01/25/2014 10:22

Road of the Dead

Last Updated: 09/19/2012 02:29

Road of the Dead

Last Updated: 10/13/2010 21:30



  Shoot a zombie off the hood of your car

Road Warrior

  Take down da choppa

Great Escape Survivor

  Complete "The Great Escape"

Dead on Time

  Reach a distance of 10 KM in "Dead on Time"

Game Dscription
Escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you! SickDeathFiend, me and the rest of the team are very excited to bring you our first game: Road of the Dead! With 4 game modes and 24 in-game achievements, we hope you greatly enjoy Road of the Dead! PERFORMANCE NOTE: Keep in mind the Q key to toggle the quality for people with slower computer, it is a pretty graphic intensive game :D Leave comments and tell us what you think of it! Cheers!