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Adventure Gladiator Mouse Only RPG Turn Based

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Last Updated: 11/13/2010 07:20

Apokalyx - 65 pts. (new window)

Rags to (Moderate) Riches

  Earn 500 gold

Gladiatorial Growth

  Reach character level 15

RedSun Champion

  Defeat Gunnar

Waizer Waster

  Defeat the gladiator champion

Game Dscription
*******Update******** Thanks to all your comments, the version 1.0.3 is newer had have solved: - preloader white screen - mutant video black screen - power/attack ability freeze on computer performing low framerate - quick armor wearing in Trader shop - tavern bug after enemy card revealed - few other finetunes :) The game takes llong to load guys... but Apokalyx is the result of 1 full year of hard work, and is ...rich! 10+ hours turn-based arena RPG. A new set of deeply tested stats&combat rules. Customize your character, purchase armors and weapons. Get info on the enemies and hire gladiator allies. Learn and develop your supernatural abilities: 3 different Paths, 18 Spheres, 90 special Powers! 7 voiceovers/spoken videos and 170 voicerovers/spoken dialogues! 3 arenas, 60 battles, against more than 100 different gladiator opponents!! ...The first single-player chapter of the oncoming multiplayer saga.