An anti-idle game with too much to do


This game has quite a few noticeable features.
During the process of leveling up, gaining coins and repeating that over and over, you unlock more and more of the game.
It even has a complex RPG style minigame and a collectible card game to distract you from the boring tedium that usually comes with this type of game.

On other points, this game might not be as good. The graphical features are often low quality and include stretched out sprites and stick figures. The amount of time it takes to progress just a bit more can go over the top as well, especially with things that you unlock at later points in the game.

The achievement system seems to be an attempt to hide jokes which may or may not be seen as funny. For the achievements you need to reach goals which usually consist of repeating one thing a lot of times.

Next to the achievement system, you also have a quest system. The quest system is similar to the achievement system but offers a more direct reward. Originality, however, is lacking. Most of the quests are the same as some of the achievements and only require more of the same to be done.

All in all, there is a lot to do in this game but it will get repetitive after some time.
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