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Anti-Idle: The Game 8.0 / 10
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Adventure Idle Pixel RPG Upgrades

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Game Reviews
Title Member Timestamp Overall Score
An anti-idle game with too much to do 06/10/2013 7
Very, very good idle/clicker game 02/13/2015 9

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Anti-Idle: The Game

Last Updated: 05/01/2020 23:45

Anti-Idle: The Game

Please, help, item hack
Last Updated: 03/26/2015 02:39

Anti Idle "Explosion Update"

Last Updated: 02/20/2014 20:48

Anti-Idle: The Game

Last Updated: 12/06/2010 17:56


Idle Hands

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Game Dscription
In Anti-Idle: The Game, you don't gain money automatically unless you turn Idle Mode on. Well, actually you do at a later point. Gain some EXP, level up. Unlock many awesome features. Earn over 500 achievements. Climb the leaderboards. Brag to many friends, and even people you don't know. THIS IS NOT A MULTIPLAYER GAME. As many people requested a chat room for this game, I changed the game category to Multiplayer. You can switch to regular chat at any time. Please do not let this affect your rating for this game.