Very, very good idle/clicker game


This is a clicker game with an idle side to it. You can idle for slow money or you can actively play for faster money income. They have several minigame and side games to keep you entertained. They have garden where you can grow trees to make money, allowing you to upgrade your garden for more and better trees. They have a battle arena where you can fight monsters, level up, get items, craft other items, make money and all kinds of other things. They have a clicker button where you can get combos and make money/coins to buy upgrades. They have a stock market type deal where you can buy and sell things. They have a stadium in the game where you can play in races, you can do item fights or you can bet on other races to try to make more coins too. They have a printer where you can earn money every so many seconds and pay to upgrade it to earn more money. In the near future they will have a house in the game which a ton of new features for that too! They have a card game where you can make your own decks and fight other people kind of like Magic or Hearthstone or whatever kind of card games. They also have an adventure mode where you can do randomized adventures with a randomized outcome. They have a fishing mode. They have a business mode that you unlock at level 1,000. They have mystery boxes that you can buy, they have bonus buff cards for double exp and things like that. They have a dragon you can talk to for hints. They have a typing mode where you can earn coins based on how good you are at typing. They have a ton of achievements with upgrade your stats with how many achievements you have earned. The max level is in the multiples of thousands and when you hit max level you can rebirth for bonuses and other things like that. Tons of game features with tons of replayability too. There are people who have played this for many months and some even for years. Very good idle/clicker game!

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