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I revel in my anonymity. But when I'm at a specific event and gamers are there, they'll recognise me.

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Karma: 23
08/20/2016 cocosdanny

muy bueno el hack

08/19/2016 life89

Great work!!

08/19/2016 bigjohn28

your great

08/19/2016 bonneur

Thanks for the sharing man! You are helping a lot.

Keep up the good work !!!

08/18/2016 fathead

Massive upvote and karma for the new hack, wonderful work and awesome find

08/18/2016 qwerty123zzz

great hack never lose

08/17/2016 mlozano

Awesome hack, thank you!

08/17/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

very good hack "never lose"

08/17/2016 tinkerbell

great hacks!

08/17/2016 raiken2

Thanks for releasing your new hack.

08/12/2016 nicksaric94

For helping out, keeping work up, and fighting fake cheaters outside of community.

07/13/2016 FujiToday

Good hack!

07/13/2016 FujiToday

Good hack.

07/04/2016 raiken2

Thanks man.

06/18/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for that video. I need to keep up with updates :D

01/22/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

this helps greatly appreciated!

01/05/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

thx for this help 2/2

01/05/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

for helping the noobs 1/2

11/09/2015 Zenwaichi

Happy First Anniversary on konghack!!! also you copy pasted that long post

09/19/2015 nuar1993

you re awesome

05/24/2015 raiken2

Thanks for the info man.

05/17/2015 dreamwalker

for sharing the gift bot with us

05/13/2015 Badgertastic3

No more unknown lol Now what else can we find in there that PD don't want us to have lol

05/13/2015 dreamwalker

thanks for letting us know the codes to change in the xml file for maa

05/13/2015 dreamwalker

for the cbns tip it works perfectly

Karma Given
09/09/2016 Mordecai897

Great work, nice tuto ;) I hope it's not the first nor the last

08/06/2016 fathead

Nice tips buddy, thx for share, keep doing it!

04/17/2016 fathead

Thx u 4 upload ur file and share with us

03/06/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

Nice Work (y)

01/27/2016 dudial

Thx 4 this great tool Kh Easy Trainer (y)

01/05/2016 randomly2100

I looked the video, but written is more understandable to me. Thank you for taking the time to make this excellent Guide

12/21/2015 fathead

Nice work (y) thx 4 share with us

12/15/2015 jimmyadams18

thx u 4 the tips about change tags ;) Works perfectly

12/12/2015 sergantfigo

Thx 4 share, nice work (y)

12/12/2015 davmaha

Thx u 4 share (y) Nice Work

12/03/2015 effewe2

4 B. Trainer ;)

11/30/2015 kirbyonwarpstar

Nice Work (y)

11/19/2015 Simple_AOB

i just want to say thx (y)

05/17/2015 jarly

I was looking for something like this, I did something similar in VB 6 but this is much better;) Thx 4 the tip

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