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Karma: 13
02/03/2017 NICOLASECU

A hack for pussy saga or you can hack hacking User> NICOLASECU EMILIO1998

01/20/2017 gmplayer

this is not working for me

08/05/2016 Mordecai897

That tutorial was awesome. Never learned about Lea. Thanks a lot!

03/28/2016 whatdoyoumeanm8

liked the AOB cheat engine , nice explanation.

02/15/2016 Druzzle

No idea why but thanks for sponsoring me.

02/12/2016 Zenwaichi

can't recall if I already karmaed up to your benefit lol

01/16/2016 styruslolz

Just noticed you submitted an insane amount of hacks, great work mate!!

01/12/2016 Zenwaichi

you rocking hard, lots of hacks and some are especially tasty (like eukarion takes)

01/05/2016 Ahssherder

I looked the video, but written is more understandable to me. Thank you for taking the time to make this excellent Guide

01/04/2016 hacker9000

tutorial for making AoBs with CE

01/01/2016 Deathsrevenge

extremely helpful

12/19/2015 lukasss

Great work on the Realm Grinder mate.

12/01/2015 Zenwaichi

good job, now the burden is yours lol

11/15/2015 Ninishi12

Thank you for sponsoring me :)

11/15/2015 Foxtheboss

Thanks for sponsoring me !

11/05/2015 styruslolz

misunderstanding, counter karma

11/05/2015 styruslolz

annoying troll...

Karma Given
02/21/2016 The Ignorant Masses

I thought as much, just wanted a higher power to say it lol

02/21/2016 DaJoker123

Very interesting post, would like to see what the answer will be.

02/15/2016 Badgertastic3

For testing some of the hacks I submitted

02/15/2016 Druzzle

You're a good contributor to the MAA section.

02/13/2016 The Ignorant Masses

Believe it or not, I wanted to call him out on his stupidity and insult his intellect, but for some reason I decided to be noob friendly lol The dude was a major troll, good riddance.

02/13/2016 Zenwaichi

I think it's time we bury the hatchet. :)

02/12/2016 The Ignorant Masses

It's an excellent reminder I'd say. Let those who refuse to pay attention loose their points to their greed, Genius! :)

02/12/2016 ZuckeR

Been looking for better alternatives for red gate net reflector, thanks for making this post, I will check out ILSpy and SAE

02/09/2016 kolonelkadat

Noticed you transferred 10k points to a noob and didn't get karma, so here goes :P

01/27/2016 The Ignorant Masses

I agree, some people just can't be helped. This dude is a complete screwup.

01/26/2016 lipexd

type normally, and loosing the anger tone wouldn't hurt either

01/25/2016 yuyang

When you apply a hack in the Kong Hack Ultra Trainer. Before you apply any more, deselect all hacks. Incase you don't know how the trainer works, if a hack is already applied and you apply it again after you choose more hacks, the hacks that you already applied will fail. That is because they have already been applied and if you don't Deselect them before you apply more hacks, the 2 once working hacks will show as failed. Did I explain that enough for you?

01/22/2016 Cheetahs

Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey!

01/21/2016 kolonelkadat

This response is perfect.

01/17/2016 ZuckeR

For your contribution of the icon for KH Scripts

01/15/2016 EHoK

Thanks to your help, I was able to make my first KH Script hacks.

01/13/2016 yuyang

2 of my hacks were flagged because of you downvoting them. Upon noticing that, I did some very extensive testing and have found that they are in fact very functional. So I pmed you about this, but no response. As a reward of putting me through all this mess, I give you this.

01/12/2016 kolonelkadat

For being an honorable fellow, "devs have to eat too".

01/11/2016 ZuckeR

Your GCC link was really helpful

01/10/2016 thenewcomer

Excellent advice.

01/09/2016 puppy5622

You're new, you didn't know

01/02/2016 jarly

You've tested my hacks and provided helpful feedback on more than one occasions. Perhaps I should return the favor sometimes :)

12/28/2015 EHoK

Thanks for your advice, I was able to make my very first rapid fire hack :)

12/28/2015 pbarrebenta

High Five, a Doctor Who Fan!!!

12/28/2015 Zenwaichi

Excellent work on Feliz Navidad: Crossmas Schmup :)

12/27/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Someone downvoted this saying "bad response", I say Excellent Response!

12/24/2015 EHoK

Thanks for your youtube video on unwritable aobs with cheat engine, I would have gave up on hacking if it wasn't for it.

12/24/2015 kolonelkadat

It was thanks to your video on aob hacking with cheat engine(removed by youtube), and your raw data aob extractor that I learned how to find aobs and make aob hacks with cheat engine and even how to manually wildcard them, and how to add extra bytes to narrow down the results.

12/24/2015 Zenwaichi

Valiant effort on the snowballs, but I dodged all of them :P

12/19/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Someone had to say it

12/19/2015 TheJokerDK1

Thanks for the feedback

12/16/2015 RangerJoe

I didn't thank you enough for letting me know that using chrome can make the hacks not work.

12/04/2015 aonesauce

cool story bro

12/03/2015 Badgertastic3

For falsely downvoting my hacks multiple times.

12/02/2015 Asi_aka_Asi

nice video

12/01/2015 Zenwaichi

Very impressive hack :)

11/30/2015 effewe2

For the extremely helpful Cheat Engine Trainer template

11/29/2015 Nightshades

You should have made a youtube channel a long while ago :P

11/28/2015 effewe2

Excellent input

11/26/2015 Zenwaichi

Counter karma since the one below had no merit.

11/25/2015 Strider18

Know your place worm.

11/25/2015 Zenwaichi

Thanks for what you did for me, you're awesome!!!

11/22/2015 kolonelkadat

You did a fantastic job, I am very impressed!

11/18/2015 The Ignorant Masses

you did what you had to do

11/13/2015 Zenwaichi

Thank you.

11/10/2015 effewe2

I know the feeling

11/05/2015 styruslolz

Seems we had a misunderstanding. Since I can't remove the down karma I gave you below, here's an up karma

11/05/2015 styruslolz

Forgot to do it yesterday. I clearly stated that I completely lost interest in the conversation and there you went trying to make me look like a retard talking about ip bans like no one knows what it is, and also mentioning that nk has zero tolerance for hackers like no one(more specifically me) didn't already know that already. Sorry, but that just annoyed the crap out of me.

11/04/2015 Zenwaichi

for being the peace maker

10/31/2015 effewe2

Super impressive hack. Especially it being client side :) thank you for being nice enough to release it

10/13/2015 Zenwaichi

Thank you for what you said

10/12/2015 effewe2

Elite core and full auto anything

10/11/2015 hackergonnahackLOL

for releasing your drop nano unbreakable :)

10/11/2015 effewe2

thanks for relapsing the drop only nano

10/10/2015 hackergonnahackLOL


08/26/2015 Nightshades

because you were awesome and badass enough to leak info & images about the updates

08/26/2015 effewe2

instant reload in particular is very awesome :)

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