- f*ckin butt link it!
It's a butt what more do you need?
Not as offensive as TIM's though
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02/10/2020 Zenwaichi

good luck. if all else fails offer to pay and sign a non competitive contract

Karma Given
02/22/2020 thenewcomer

Thanks for your reply to the Critter Forge Topic!

02/10/2020 The Ignorant Masses

Thanks a ton for your answer to my question in the Critter Forge topic!

01/30/2020 Zenwaichi

Epic battle fantasy 5, tack & thx mate!

11/30/2019 The Ignorant Masses

Thanks for running the show

01/03/2015 Zenwaichi

Thanks again for your help Zenwaichi (Help forum)!

01/03/2015 kolonelkadat

Thanks again for the help KolonelKadat!

12/27/2014 kolonelkadat

Thank you so much for helping me out. I was so focused on creating a single AoB for all Enemy Units, that I didn't think of changing them one by one (unit by unit). Huge thanks!

12/18/2014 Simple_AOB

Learning the basics of AoB hacking using your guides and vids. Appreciate your work man, thanks so much!

12/18/2014 G4T3S

1) For putting so much effort in the site.

2) Well, I just wanted to test the button.

3) Button working, see 1)

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