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Karma: 53
05/17/2021 SasLegend

glad to still hack sas 4 and you deserve more than just karma

07/01/2018 SasLegend

you are good at hacking sas 4 which provided us nice options.... XD

09/30/2016 tikoking2

Donated because of your dedication on SAS 4 :)

08/20/2016 wonee

Because Karma is good

12/03/2015 Ahssherder

4 B. Trainer ;)

11/30/2015 randomly2100

For the extremely helpful Cheat Engine Trainer template

11/28/2015 randomly2100

Excellent input

11/15/2015 Yolo4202

Pfft should you have to ask :P

11/14/2015 Yolo4202

Cuz you're awesome :P

11/11/2015 Yolo4202

For sending me the movement hack and reload hack ;D

11/10/2015 randomly2100

I know the feeling

11/04/2015 styruslolz

for doing something i'm too lazy to do, thanks ^^

10/31/2015 randomly2100

Super impressive hack. Especially it being client side :) thank you for being nice enough to release it

10/16/2015 fakutya

For all the awesome work you did for SAS 4 community here

10/12/2015 randomly2100

Elite core and full auto anything

10/12/2015 Zenwaichi

he's an ass. Good job with the hax. They must pissed off you too to the meadow

10/11/2015 randomly2100

thanks for relapsing the drop only nano

10/11/2015 joenobody

Thanks for this. works GREAT!

09/03/2015 Darklord007

Thanks for the quick updates!

09/03/2015 Zenwaichi

power didn't corrupt you, still a nice guy

08/27/2015 okatokat

Thanks for SAS4 Hack.

08/26/2015 randomly2100

instant reload in particular is very awesome :)

08/21/2015 Nightshades

You are right Sothink is a piece of shit.

07/29/2015 styruslolz

your promised karma (30th karma :D sweet!)

07/21/2015 styruslolz

screw the ungrateful bitches that havent said "thank you for updating the hacks" yet :D

07/12/2015 hackergonnahackLOL

Thanks again dude!!!

07/09/2015 styruslolz

cool hack, may come in handy later :D

07/01/2015 styruslolz

Tridents can be earned legit!!!!!!! :DDDD

07/01/2015 Yolo4202

For always being quick to update sas 4 hacks ;3

07/01/2015 WalterWhite

Awesome work on the SAS4 hacks! :)

06/25/2015 styruslolz

i've been gone for a while...heres the karma that you deserved

06/09/2015 hackergonnahackLOL

Thank you so much!!!!!!

05/14/2015 styruslolz

I'm gonna +karma every time you update the hacks. I'm crazy :)

05/14/2015 captainclueless

Damn, you're quick to respond to patches !

05/12/2015 captainclueless

Thank you for your awesome hard work !

05/08/2015 Amphibol

keepin hacks as fresh as possible

05/05/2015 Klonopin

Taking the time to assist others with programs.

05/01/2015 styruslolz

Double +karma works!

04/17/2015 PedroAvenger

You are unbelievable, thanks ^_^

04/15/2015 Klonopin

You're so god damn brilliant with your hacking. Great job.

04/14/2015 styruslolz

Thank you very much for your help and the SAS 4 hacks :D

04/06/2015 gjcgjj

Constantly hard working in updating the patched hacks, thumbs up~

04/03/2015 PedroAvenger

Most nice user

03/26/2015 Klonopin

Thanks for your hacks.

03/20/2015 gjcgjj

Thanks again for updating the hacks~

03/20/2015 Rampant_uterus

Thanks for updating the hacks

03/19/2015 justmex

Fast hack update :D

03/18/2015 Rampant_uterus

tHANKS for 10x titanium hack

03/15/2015 fresenius

Because you have the balls to release hacks that are likely to be patched.

03/15/2015 iamslick

Keep the good work up on SaS 4 hacks if you can :)

03/06/2015 gjcgjj

Thank you so much for the lot of work in updating the hacks. Much appreciate :)

03/03/2015 TheNeru


02/26/2015 ashenrose101

thanks for all that you do

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